Vision and Mission

Our strategy is geared towards a sustainable and profitable growth, in markets with investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, paying the utmost attention to efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement of the systems.

The strategy and organizational model incorporate the following criteria:

  • Integration of the most advanced technologies in the design and installation processes.
  • Focus on high value-added activities.
  • Structure in specialized business units, integrated at the strategic level.
  • Commitment to quality as essential element for the development of the energy sector.
  • Ongoing research and development of new systems and more efficient components.


ALENER’s business model covers all major areas of the value creation chain in the solar, wind and biomass Plants through established strategic partnerships, from promotion and development of projects to financing, technology development, design and engineering, construction and operation of Power Plants and efficient installations.

This way, ALENER gets benefits at all stages of the development of the project; even before the beginning of the construction process of the Plants, important business figures and good economic results are achieved.