The Company

About us

ALENER has five business lines focused on Power Generation, Engineering, Research, Development and Innovation, Energy Efficiency services and Sustainable Mobility, everything needed for the development of sustainable infrastructures.


From our areas of Engineering and R&D, ALENER works with Technological Research Centers, focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of components that make solar and biomass facilities more efficient and cost effective.

Alener collaborates with...

  • The development of government programs to develop renewable energies according each region needs.
  • Establishing agreements with Power Generation companies for the renewal of their facilities to make them more efficient and sustainable.
  • Promoting the participation of citizens, businesses and public entities in the creation of Solar Plants through flexible financial models.
  • Power generation and integrated management of solar power, wind and biomass plants, from design to operation and maintenance.
  • With manufacturers and research institutes to implement the latest technological systems.
  • Developing sustainable infrastructures in buildings and industries.