Solardis | Power Generation


Paraboloid Technology Validation with Stirling Engines for Power Generation


ALENER SOLARENDESA GENERACIÓN and GRUPO DANIEL ALONSO, with the collaboration of the Advanced Technology Centre for Renewable Energies (CTAER), constitute the SOLARDIS project Consortium, for the validation of the paraboloid Technology using Stirling Engines for Electric Power Generation.

The Stirling Dish technology is characterized by two fundamental aspects compared to other existing thermoelectric technologies that use cylindrical collectors or central tower: its high performance and modularity.

SOLARDIS results intend to give the definitive step in overcoming the current technological barriers regarding the Stirling Dish technology, which are primarily:

  • High construction costs.
  • High power generation costs.
  • Low reliability in autonomous operation due to temperature differences in the receiver.
  • Complexity in synchronizing multiple dishes evacuating in parallel (need for development of control systems and specific power electronics).

The project has been co-funded by the Development of Industrial Technology Centre (CDTI).


  • Client: CDTI
  • Date: 03 Apr 2014