Sustainable Mobility

ALENER provides the following advisory and consulting services

Sustainable Labour Mobility Plan

  • Enterprise mobility diagnosis
  • Design and preparation of surveys
  • Definition of future scenarios for sustainable mobility
  • Preparation and presentation of a Sustainable Labour Mobility Plan
  • Definition, programming and quantifying of the proper measures

Green Fleet Plan

  • Awareness actions and information on impacts on transport
  • Inventory of transport fleet and estimation of emissions
  • Improvement actions proposal and prioritization

Transport Fleet Audits

  • Enterprise transport system diagnosis
  • Compilation of possible inefficiencies and risks
  • Gathering necessary documents and questionnaire design
  • Operational analysis and fleet and drivers SWOT analysis
  • Feasibility analysis of better alternatives

Transport Systems and Distribution Optimization

  • Initial diagnosis of the company regarding transportation and distribution
  • Recount and analysis of problems and causes that originated them
  • Improvement actions proposal, prioritized and valued
  • Simulation and prediction of scenarios for transport and distribution processes
  • Action Plan Elaboration